How To List More Than One Driver On Your Auto Insurance Policy

Posted on: 30 March 2023

Purchasing auto insurance for only yourself can be relatively simple. But when more than one individual is using the car, the process can become more complicated depending on the insurance provider you are using. Sometimes, you can name the additional drivers on your insurance policy. In other cases, you must meet specific requirements.

Reasons to Add More Than One Driver 

The advantage of having more than one driver listed on an insurance policy is that you will be entitled to a bulk rate. Additionally, having multiple people share a car might make sense.

How to Know if Another Driver is Eligible

While it might not be the case with every insurance policy, each individual on the insurance policy will usually need to live in the same house. Some insurance policies will allow two unrelated individuals to be on an insurance policy if they both own the car. For example, suppose you and another individual co-sign for a loan on a vehicle. In that case, you can add them to your insurance policy.

A common situation is when you're a parent, and your teenager starts driving. You might add them to your auto insurance policy. You might even receive a discount if they receive good grades. Having more than one individual on an insurance policy is beneficial because you are bundling several policies to obtain a bulk discount.

Make Sure Everyone Drives Safely

Safe driving usually leads to a discount regardless of who is on your insurance policy. If each individual on your insurance policy can avoid an accident, your insurance rates will decrease.

Other Ways to Reduce Your Insurance Rates

If you are wondering why your insurance rates are what they are, it's best to contact an auto insurance agent. They will walk you through the different insurance rates. For example, your insurance rates are partially determined by your deductible.

How Deductibles Work

You are expected to pay this amount if you use your insurance policy. For instance, if your car is damaged in a parking lot and you decide to file an insurance claim, you must pay a deductible before receiving benefits. To lower your insurance premium, set your deductible higher.

However, make sure that you have enough savings to pay for your deductible if you end up in an accident and need to pay the deductible. Then, you'll know that your auto insurance policy will fully cover your car.

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