Your Car Insurance Agent Helps You Find The Right Insurance For Your Car And Budget

Posted on: 2 August 2022

If you're getting car insurance for the first time, or if you just want to lower your monthly rate, talk to a car insurance agent for advice. Some agents are independent and can help you compare policies among different insurance companies.

Even if you work with an agent that represents a single company, they can help you find the best plan at the right price so you get the coverage you can afford. Here are things to know about car insurance.

The State Minimum Might Not Be Enough

Your state probably has a minimum amount of coverage that's required by law. However, this might not be enough if you have a new car. This is where getting advice from a car insurance agent is helpful. You want to keep costs low, but you also want the appropriate amount of coverage for the type of car you drive.

You'll Pay More If You're Classified As High Risk

If an insurance company classifies you as a high-risk driver, your insurance rates will probably be higher than other drivers have to pay. There may not be much you can do to change your high-risk status if it's due to DUI convictions or a high number of previous claims.

Your car insurance agent may need to find a company that's known for accepting high-risk drivers and then find ways to get your rate as low as possible. This might include trading your car for an older model, adding safety features to the car, or taking defensive driving classes.

Improving Your Credit Can Improve Your Rate

If you have bad credit when you apply for car insurance, you may have to pay a higher rate. If your previous insurance was canceled due to nonpayment, you might even have difficulty finding a company that will insure your car. Your car insurance agent might help you find coverage, and once you have it, you can work on improving your credit to get a lower rate in the future.

Taking A High Deductible Makes Your Rate Lower

There are a few variables the car insurance agent can work with to get you the best rate. One of those is the deductible. A high deductible means you pay more out of pocket, but your monthly rate for car insurance is lower. This means you may need to pay for small repairs yourself rather than filing a claim.

A high deductible may not be a good idea if you don't keep enough savings to cover emergency expenses. Your agent can help you determine the right deductible for your situation.

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