Reasons Every Residential Property Owner Needs A Homeowners' Insurance Coverage

Posted on: 30 November 2021

A homeowners' insurance policy is an essential financial protection plan for everyone who owns a residential property. This policy generally covers damages to the property or liability for injuries to a third party within the premises. No two homeowner's insurance coverages are equal, so you're expected to pick the one that meets your needs.

The general rule is to consider all the possible risks, including fire, theft, water damage, and other common incidents, then select the one that offers maximum protection as per your requirements. Here is how this coverage helps every residential property owner.

It Pays to Repair or Rebuild a Structure

One of the primary things a homeowners' insurance policy covers is the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home when it's damaged by a storm, fire, or any disaster that's outlined on the policy documents. The plan may also cover loss or damage to other structures in your premises like a detached shed, garage, or fence.

It Offers Personal Property Protection

Contrary to what most people believe, homeowners' insurance doesn't just cover damage on the structures. This plan may also offer coverage for all the personal property you keep in it. This includes your appliances, furniture, clothing, and personal items if they are damaged by any peril on your policy or stolen. 

The coverage may sometimes apply to theft or damage away from home, so if you had kept your belongings in a storage unit or hotel room and they get stolen or damaged, the insurer may pay to repair or replace them. 

However, your expensive valuables such as watches, pieces of rare art, jewelry, and electronics may require separate or extended coverage. This is because they attract a special limit of liability (minimal reimbursement limits) when stolen.

It Covers Temporary Living Expenses Incurred During Repairs

Whenever your home is severely destroyed in a disaster and needs repairs, you will be forced to stay away for some time to allow the contractors to do their job. The loss of use coverage usually pays for any expenses you and your loved ones incur to stay in a temporary rental or hotel. 

The insurance provider may also pay for additional living expenses like dry cleaning, extra transportation costs, and restaurant meals throughout the time when your home is being repaired or rebuilt.

It Pays for Liability

If someone visits your premises and gets injured, your homeowners' insurance plan will offer the financial protection you need. The bodily injury liability plan pays for the medical bills and legal expenses if you were at fault. Most insurance providers may recommend adding a personal umbrella policy if you wish to boost your liability coverage limits.

For more information about homeowners' insurance, contact a provider.