4 Incidents That Car Insurance Covers

Posted on: 20 October 2020

Exactly what a specific car insurance policy covers is determined by that policy's coverage options. With the right coverage options in place, though, a car insurance policy will offer protection against a wide range of potential incidents. Here are four incidents that your car insurance policy would likely cover.

1. Multi-Vehicle Car Accident

Should you be involved in a car accident, how responsibility for the accident is adjudicated will be determined by the sequence of events and the laws of the state where the accident occurred. Some states are no-fault states, and each driver is responsible for their own damages and injuries. Other states are at-fault states, and the driver who caused the accident is responsible.

Regardless of how responsibility plays out, your car insurance policy will likely provide coverage for yourself, your passengers, your vehicle, and any other damage or injuries that you're responsible for. These various items are protected under different coverages:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP) protects against injuries that you and others in your car sustain
  • Collision coverage protects against damage that your car sustains
  • Personal injury liability coverage protects against injuries that people outside of your car sustain
  • Property damage liability coverage protects against injuries to items other than your car

In order to have full protection in this sort of incident, you should carry all of these types of car insurance coverage.

2. Tree Limb Cracks Your Car's Windshield

If a tree limb falls on your car's windshield and cracks it, the damage should be repaired promptly. The crack could worsen if you don't do anything about it, and many states won't let cars that have major windshield cracks pass inspection.

A cracked windshield would be covered under your car insurance policy's comprehensive coverage, which protects against a variety of non-accident incidents. If you select full glass coverage, the entire cost of repair is covered and you don't have to pay a deductible.

3. Thief Breaks Into Your Car

Vehicle break-ins are also covered under comprehensive coverage. Should a thief break into your car and steal either components (e.g. a stereo or airbag) or other items (e.g. a purse), comprehensive coverage will reimburse you for the cost of the items less your deductible.

4. Driver Hits Your Car and Runs

Hit-and-run car accidents are normally covered by uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. This coverage would pay for injuries and damage caused by a driver who hit your car and sped off.

To learn more, contact a car insurance company.