The Effects Of Your Driving Record On Your Car Insurance

Posted on: 9 June 2020

When you want a car insurance quote, the agent will use a lot of information to calculate the quote. One thing that agents factor in is a person's driving record. Your driving record affects your car insurance rates, so it is essential to aim to keep a clean record. Here are several things to understand about your driving record and the correlations it has with your auto insurance.

The Things You Find on a Driving Record

Your driving record contains several primary things. The first thing is basic details about your age and length of driving history. Next, your driving history contains a record of all traffic violations you have incurred. Finally, it contains a list of all the accidents you were in or caused. If you have a clean record, it means that you do not have any negative things on your report. Having a clean record is the best record to have.

The Effects of Violations and Claims

If you do not have a clean record, it means you have a history of violations or insurance claims on your record. Most states utilize a system of points to record the severity of these items. If you get a basic speeding ticket, it may add one point to your record. If you get a DUI, it might add many points. Having zero points makes you a safe driver to insurance companies. Each point you get increases your risk level. Therefore, you pay more for insurance if you have points on your license.

Points Fall Off

The good news is that the points you have will drop off over time. Points for minor issues fall off faster than points for serious issues. For example, a speeding ticket might fall off your record after just two or three years. A DUI might last a lot longer, though.

What You Can Do

If you are paying too much for your car insurance because of your record, you should aim to work towards a clean record. You can do this by avoiding all accidents and driving violations. If you can avoid getting in accidents and getting traffic violations, you can eventually have a clean record. Once you have a clean record, you should see a drop in your insurance rates.

If you are not sure what your driving record contains, you can look it up. You can learn more information about car insurance rates by talking to an insurance agent.

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