What Collision Auto Insurance Does Not Cover

Posted on: 16 January 2020

Adding collision coverage to your auto policy is one of the best forms of protection you can have. You never know when you might do something wrong while driving that leads to a collision. If this happens and you have collision coverage, you are protected. The downside to collision coverage is that it does not cover every type of peril that could cause damage to your car. In fact, here are four types of perils that are not covered through collision insurance.

Theft and vandalism

Suppose a person breaks into your car and either steals things from it, damages it, or steals your entire car. If this event occurred, your collision coverage would not pay for the claim you file, because this is not a type of peril covered under collision. Collision never pays for damages or losses related to vandalism or theft.

Fire damage

Another example of something that could happen to your car is fire damage. If your car somehow ended up on fire, your collision coverage is not going to pay the claim. Collision does not cover any type of fire damage, even if your car was in your garage, and a house fire broke out, leaving your car damaged.

Animal accidents

Animal accidents could sometimes be covered under collision coverage, but they generally are not. Imagine if you were driving when suddenly, a deer collided with your vehicle. This is a frequent type of event that happens, especially to people in rural areas, but it is not a peril you will receive coverage for through collision.

Hail or storm damage

The other type of peril that could damage your car that would not be covered under collision is hail or storm damage. If hail is big enough, it can leave large dings in a car. If a storm is bad enough that it knocks a tree over, the tree could seriously damage your car if it landed on it. Any situation involving storm damage to a car is excluded from collision coverage.

What type of insurance covers these perils?

The good news is that there is a type of coverage you can purchase that will cover all of the perils listed here, and it is called comprehensive insurance. If you want to have coverage for these things, add it to your policy today to have all the coverage you could possibly need.

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