What You Should Know About FR44 Insurance After Getting A DUI

Posted on: 24 September 2018

If you live in either Virginia or Florida and recently received a DUI, you might find out that you need FR44 insurance. If you are required to have FR44 insurance, you will probably receive a letter that notifies you of this, and you will have a certain amount of time to purchase a policy. If you have never had FR44 insurance before, here are several things you should understand about it.

It Is Considered High-Risk Insurance

People with major driving violations, such as a DUI, will need a special type of insurance coverage, and FR44 is the type they must obtain. This type of insurance is considered high risk, which means you will pay more for it than for a regular auto insurance policy. A person who drives under the influence puts themselves and others at risk while driving, and this is the main reason FR44 insurance is required.

It Is Similar to SR22 but Requires Extra Coverage

Most states require SR22 insurance after a DUI, and FR44 is very similar to this. Both types of insurance policies basically involve an insurance company verifying that a person is covered with insurance. The insurance companies send notifications to the DMVs for people who purchase these types of policies, and they also send notifications when policyholders fail to pay their bills.

The key difference between SR22 insurance and FR44 insurance is the minimum coverage requirements policyholders must have. SR22 insurance simply requires that a person carry the minimum coverage that their state requires. FR44 insurance actually requires a person to have more coverage than the minimum amount in the state.

The Terms of FR44 Insurance

If you are told that you need FR44 insurance, you must purchase a policy by the date listed on the letter you received, and you must take the policy to your local DMV by the date. Once you do this, you will be allowed to keep your driving privileges. If you do not complete these tasks by the date listed, the DMV may revoke your driving privileges.

You will also be told how long you must keep the FR44 policy, and the normal length of time is three years. Your requirement might be shorter or longer than this time span, though.

These are the basic things you should understand about FR44 insurance if you need to have it. You can contact a company like Livings Insurance to learn more about FR44 insurance. To purchase a policy, contact an auto insurance company today.