Why You Shouldn't Fear The Disappearance Of Local Insurance Agencies

Posted on: 28 March 2017

In the advanced age of technology, local insurance agencies are slowly disappearing. For older generations such as yourself, that may be an unnerving thing. You have relied on the visibility and physicality of your insurance agency for so long, and now it just is not there. Hold on, and do not be afraid; this is actually a good thing. Here are some reasons why you should not be afraid of the disappearance of insurance agencies.

Regional Offices Still Exist

Regional offices for insurance companies still exist. They have to, regardless of what happens to the local offices. The regional offices continue onward because this is where the underwriters and claim experts are, and where all of your policy information is stored. If you actually need to speak to a person about your insurance, the toll-free number usually routes you to a regional office.

You Can Accomplish Every Insurance Thing Online

By now, most adults your age know how to use a computer. You probably use yours to keep in touch with your kids and/or grandkids. That said, you can accomplish nearly every task related to insurance online. You can compare policies, buy a policy, change your coverage, change your deductible, change your insurance company, and even file a claim. The best part is that you do not have to make an appointment or wait on hold for a human to answer the phone. (Now, is that not better than waiting until your local office opens and taking time out of your busy day to speak to an agent?)

Some Agents Still Work from Home

If the disappearance of local offices really makes you anxious, consider this. many insurance agents who worked for the local offices now work from home. These agents "telecommute" to the regional offices while continuing to provide support to the local consumers. Some of the same agents you once saw and spoke to in a local office are the same ones you talk to on the phone now, except that they are just working from their homes instead. This helps cut building and office expenses for the insurance companies, which in turn becomes savings on your policy rates.

Eventually, Everything Will Be Online

Right now, you can do everything from order groceries for the week to buying a car online. This is the way business, all business, will be conducted in the next few decades. If you can compromise and adjust to things like buying insurance online, you will be able to adjust to how you purchase everything else online when the time comes. 

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