• Tips For When You Are Out To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance Possible

    Every motorist is on the lookout for cheap car insurance, but some people aren't just satisfied with the "low" rates they are currently paying. Suppose you wanted to insure your car for the cheapest rates possible, how would you go about it?  Here are some of the tricks that will help: Choose Minimum Coverage and Maximum Deductible Each state has a minimum coverage that each motorist must have, and it follows that this minimum will attract the lowest rate possible.
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  • Three Tips To Consider When Purchasing Auto Insurance

    As a driver, having auto insurance is important to ensuring that you and the people you share the road with are protected. Without auto insurance, not only will you have to pay out of pocket for damages and injuries you may have caused, but you can also be subject to paying hefty fees for not having the minimum amount of insurance required by law. If you are purchasing new auto insurance, here are three tips to consider:
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  • What To Know About Non-Owner Sr22 Car Insurance

    If you are a high-risk driver convicted of DUI /DWI, you commonly need to file an sr22 insurance policy to legally drive your vehicle. However, you may have gotten rid of your vehicle, and you still want to reinstate your license. In this case, you can file a non-owner sr22 policy. Here is some information on a non-owner sr22 car insurance policy.   How Non-owner sr22 Works  Non-owner sr22 insurance serves as a secondary insurance allowing you to occasionally drive another vehicle with the owner's permission.
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